At some stage in our lives, many of us will require assistance in recuperating after an accident, illness, surgery or even prolonged hospital stay. At Fancy Healthcare services, we have specially-trained re-enablement teams who assist clients of all ages recuperate and regain mobility. In the long-term, our re-enablement programmes ultimately aim to help reduce the need for on-going care, promoting independence and self-reliance which we see as vital.

We know that coming home after a debilitating turn can mean a loss of physical strength and general confidence, even with the most ‘ordinary’ of daily tasks and activities. That’s why our re-enablement teams work in conjunction with client’s doctors, physiologists and nursing staff to chart the best course of care to regain lost ability and confidence.

As part of the re-enablement process, we work with our clients to set milestones to help achieve independence. Through the process, we’ll work to help a client stretch their limits week-by-week as part of agreed goals with the intent to regain the lost skills and confidence. We’ll of course amend those goals as the programme progresses and the client’s abilities improve.

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