Homeless Support Worker


Considerate, private, respectful personal aged
care and assistance.

Some social care roles working with the homeless are based in a permanent setting, regularly providing help to people who attend. Others are outreaches and involve working in the community. Some roles move around, for example, hosting a personal care clinic at different venues and on scheduled dates.

The types of jobs you might consider:

Housing Support – helping homeless people access safe housing.

Night Support – providing care at overnight hostels or care facilities.

Project management – working to coordinate homeless support services in your local area.

Outreach work – engaging with local homeless people, assessing their needs and working to develop a plan or making referrals.

Substance abuse prevention – this can include working in a shelter, providing a health clinic or working in a permanent residence to treat and support patients in recovery.

Who could I work for in a homeless home

Every area is different, and usually, multiple organisations work together to provide help and practical assistance for homeless people.

  • Mobility (transfers, walking, range of motion exercises, light exercise)
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